Individual desserts


 All our desserts are made 100% from scratch, using the best ingredients we

                                                     can find!

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Pumpkin Log (seasonal) $19.99


Tuxedo brownies  $49.99 per pan (25 large pieces)      

Smores brownies $29.99 per pan (15 large pieces)

Fudgey mint brownies  $27.99 per pan (15 large pieces)

We can do lots of other kinds of brownies as well

Individual Cheesecake desserts

Mini cheese cake cups (variety flavors)  a dozen for $25.00

Peanut butter cheesecake bars $19.99 per pan (15 bars)


3" size tarts

Blueberry cream cheese tarts (also can do strawberry, blackberry, rasberry, marionberry, and cherry) $25 per dozen

Chocolate mousse tarts $25 per dozen

Other yummy creations

Pineapple Walnut cake $24.99 per pan (15 bars)

Pumpkin bars (seasonal) $19.99 per pan (15 bars)

Pecan squares $29.99 per pan (15 bars)

Lemon bars $2.75

We make a wide variety of gourmet cookies and pies, just about any flavor just ask!

cookies $.75 cents or $7.99 per dozen (mix and match)

*Oatmeal raisin, *chocolate chocolate chip heath, *chocolate chip, chocolate macarrons, *peanut butter delight, white chocolate cranberry,  and many more

*Frosted sugar cookies $2.00

pies $9.99 and up

coconut cream, , banana cream, chocolate cream, apple, dutch apple, peach, blackberry, marionberry, key lime, pumpkin, million dollare pie..................