-- Signature Cakes Menu --

Cakes Not For Kids

Kahlua MudslideChocolate cake soaked with vodka, baileys and kahlua, filled with a french vanilla cream.

 Popular Cake/Filling Combinations

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry cake:  Delicious chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache and fresh strawberry filling.

Red Velvet:  Moist red velvet cake with a classic cream cheese filling (can add dark chocolate ganache for $5.00)

Boston Creme Pie cake:  Rich butter cake with chocolate ganache and french vanilla cream filling.

Raspberry Cream cake:  Rich butter cake with a french vanilla cream and a fresh raspberry filling.

Blackberry Cream cake:  Rich butter cake with cream cheese and  fresh blackberry filling.

German Chocolate:  Moist chocolate cake with a creamy coconut pecan filling.

White Whisper cake:  White chocolate cake with a french vanilla cream and fresh blueberry filling.  

Pina Colada cake:  Poppyseed cake with french vanilla cream and pina colada filling. (contains coconut)

Big Red:  Red velvet cake with rocky road filling. So good! (contains nuts)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Grooms cake with whipped peanut butter filling.

Marionberry Cheesecake:  Butter cake with a combination of white chocolate cream filling, homemade marionberry filling, and a marionberry cheesecake filling.

Carmel Apple cakeA light taste of apples and spice cake with a carmel cream filling consisting of fresh apples in a secret sauce. YUM!!

Strawberry Shortcake:  White chocolate butter cake filled with white chocolate or french vanilla cream and fresh sliced strawberries.

Pink Champagne cake:  Light champagne flavored cake with a white chocolate cream filling and fresh strawberries.

Orange Chocolate Chunk cake:  Orange cake with chocolate chunks filled with a chocolate fudge and homemade buttercream.

After Dinner Mint cakeMoist chocolate cake with chocolate chunks in every bite, filled with chocolate mint.

Spiced Pumpkin:  Moist pumpkin cake with a cream cheese and raisin filling.

Strawberry Poppyseed:  Poppyseed cake with white chocolate cream filling and fresh strawberries. (seasonal)

Chocolate Cream Heaven:  Moist fudge/chocolate cake filled with a delicious cream cheese.

Chocolate Coconut cake:  Chocolate cake with layers of delicous coconut filling and chocolate fudge filling. (if you enjoy Mounds candy bars, you will like this)

Toffee Crunch:  White butter cake baked with tons of toffee bits and filled with chocolate ganache and carmel cream.

Banana Cream Delight:  Banana cake with vanilla custard filling and fresh bananas.

Heavenly Banana:  Banana cake with french vanilla cream and cream cheese filling.

Chocolate Banana cake:  Banana cake with layers of chocolate cream and chocolate ganache, topped with fresh bananas.

Mocha Craze:  Tuxedo cake with mocha filling.

Lemon Berry Delight:  Delicous lemon cake with large, fresh blueberries, filled with a yummy light lemon cream and blueberry combination.

Chocolate Cinnamon Ribbon cake:  Light cinnamon cake swirled with chocolate, filled with a cinnamon cream cheese.

Rocky Road cake:  Chocolate cake with rocky road filling. (contains nuts, unless otherwise requested)

Black Forest cake:  Chocolate cake with french vanilla cream, chocolate ganache and cherries.

Classic Carrot cake:  Moist carrot cake with a light and fluffy cream cheese filling.

Fanasty Fruit-filled cake:  Fluffy white cake filled with your choice of berry and a white chocolate cream.

Candy Cane cake:  White chocolate cake with candy cane chunks, filled with a whipped peppermint cream. (seasonal)

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